Saturday, 22 October 2011

Who I Am

Hello. My name is Dreamless. I am a person who believes that somebody is shaped by their past. So I will do a 100 question self interview to introduce myself.

1. Name: Dreamless
2. Gender: Female
3. Age: *Classified because I know there are some creepers out there*
4. Sexual orientation: Still deciding
5. Country: Canada, eh?
6. Taste of music: Anything that ranges from light happy pop, to sad longing rap, to anime music.
7. Favorite movies/TV-shows/anime: Naruto, Loveless, Ouran High School Host Club, everything produced from Studio Ghibli... (Shall I continue? I'm not an over obsessive Otaku, but I do like a lot of Japanese animation)
8. Piercings/tattoos/would you like some? I have some simple ear piercings. Nothing too fancy.
9. Choice of past time activity: Reading. (What? It said CHOICE)
10. Obsessions: Knowing a little bit of every topic I can.
11. Top or bottom? Bottom
12. Do you ever have random urges to do something in public? If so, what kind? No, I don't have such urges. Or at least I don't think I do.
13. Are you religious? No. But I know about a variety of different religions.
14. Pets or siblings: Alex: step-sister who doesn't live with me. Anthony: step-brother who lives with Alex. Ashley: half-sister who lives on her own. Jacob: half-brother who lives with me. Jessica: half-sister who lives with me and it fraternal twins with Jacob. Sam: Pomapoo (Pomeranian/Standard Poodle) Howie: Beagle
15. Favorite drink(s): Bubble Tea, and anything with a citrus flavor.
16. Favorite pairings (from any show): SasuNaru (Naruto), Ritsuka/Soubi (Loveless), Hikaru/Karou (Ouran Host High School Club), anything Hetalia.
17. Level of nerdiness (0-10): 9... Especially in math.
18. How many different languages do you speak aside of your native one? A little bit of French, Punjabi, and Spanish. And a lot of Japanese.
19. Do you think it's wise to keep guns in tight leather pants? No... Everybody would see them!
20. Special question: Why do you like your name? I like my name because it represents the dreamless state that is life, and me. I do have frequent nightmares though... So my name does seem a bit oxymoronic to me... 
21. A happy memory: When me and my "little buddies" played with my marionette. (He was a blue ostrich named Sir Humphrey the Third)
22. Anime or manga? Manga. But only if the books are in my hands and not online.
23. 3 things that irritates you: When people mispronounce words... When people who are way younger than me are acting rude... Me...
24. Favourite colour(s): Black, orange, certain shades of blue (ones that are kinda like a turquoise colour)
25. Someone important: KK-Chan~ (My friend who half ignores me by accident, but is awesome when she notices me)
27. An attribute you admire: Acceptance
28. Something you find horrifying: The sound of bones making a sickly crack.
29. What do you normally eat for breakfast? Cereal that has a high protein percentage.
30. Daytime or night time? I like the akward transition between the two, where the sun occasionally makes the sky bleed.
31. A trait someone said they appreciate in you: Enthusiasm
32. A trait you appreciate in you: The ability to always accidentally look cute.
33. What is a good day like? A day when the terrors of life don't reach you, and you feel like you have a sense of belonging in life.
34. How do you sneeze? I always have three "a's" before my "-choo"... And I have always sneezed into my elbow.
35. Can you cook? I try everything I can, and that includes cooking styles.
36. If you were turned into an animal, what would you be? Fox. Because foxes have the ability, agility, and senses of a dog. But the more feminine looks and stature of a cat.
37. What colour are your eyes? Brown
38. Favourite season? All seasons have the same feel to me. But otherwise I pick Spring. The time of rebirth and renewal.
39. If you put your music-player (iTunes/MP3/whatever you use) on “shuffle” which are the first three songs that comes up? "Grenade" by Bruno Mars, "Oui" by Ui from K-on, "Fireflies" by Owl City
40. Mac or PC? What's the difference again?
41. A place you would like to visit: Anywhere and everywhere. A place in each country is on my list.
42. How many hours sleep a night do you usually “need”? 5... (I don't tend to usually like oversleeping)
43. What position do you sleep in? I usually find myself on my side, either wrapped around my body pillow.(KK-Chan made a joke about how one day I could replace the pillow with a person) Or I sleep in a little ball.
44. A movie you feel like re-watching: It's more of a very well done short film called 'Sindel'
45. Do you sing in the shower? I used to hum in the shower... Does that count?
46. How tall are you? 5"2 the last time I checked... But that was well over a year ago. All I need to know is that i'm the oldest child living in the house and i'm the shortest.
47. What’s the first you think about if I say ”sweet”? A lollipop and/or Popsicle...
48. What colour is your toothbrush? My home toothbrush is blue and my travel toothbrush is green.
49. Are your fingers long or short? Does that matter? I think they're pretty average...
50. What is the last number in your telephone number? ... Why are some of these questions so unrelated to the main topic?... And i'm not saying that number unless someone I know well asks me directly... I also doubt that anyone would.
51. Clouds or sunshine? Clouds.
52. Tell us what the shirt you have on right now looks like. Black tank top... So what if it exposes my shoulders and most of my chest? It's comfy and I use it for pajamas.
53. What’s under your bed? Boxes full of books and an empty suitcase or two.
54. Which is your favourite song? It varies on my mood. But the first thing to come to the top of my head is "Wish You Were Here" by Avril Lavigne.
55. What was the latest thing you ate? Tuna casserole... What? It isn't my choice of a good meal.
56. Describe a tree. A tree is something that cannot be described in one dimension. It can have many different forms, and is viewed differently through the mind. What I view as an average tree would be something that is stable and and tall. One with branches that contort and twist. It has different colours, and is comfortable enough to sit and climb in. A tree will not be pushed over easily, and is not afraid to shed their leaves and start again.
57. Messy or clean? I'm pretty messy. But as soon as I try to make everything clean, it stays clean for quite a while.
58. Favourite ice cream flavour? Neapolitan. (strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla)
59. Pick two people and say what animal they remind you of: KK-Chan reminds me of a puppy... Easily distracted and easily entertained, but is too cute to handle properly. My grandmother (we call her Mama) reminds me of a mouse or a bee... Always going about her business with an air of nervousness, but does it whether anybody around her cares or not.
60. Next, pick a person and give them a theme song: KK-Chan's theme song would be "I'm Awesome" by Spouse.
61. Uke or Seme? Uke... Especially when I blush, stutter, and trip on my own words.
62. Say up to three of your favorite words: Smile, Books, Anime
63. Describe 3 times you've done something embarrassing: Farted in the middle of a grade 7 math lesson... Tripped on my feet and did a faceplant onto the floor (multiple times)... Blushed and cried for no apparent reason when I was 13.
64. Something that stirred your soul: A video on YouTube called "Wayseers Manifesto"
65. Favorite sport or physical activity? Soccer and/or any form of martial arts

66. Mention two jobs that would probably bore you: Being a manager of a band, and working at a fast food place.
67. Tell us the ringtones on your cell phone: Pfffft... I don't have a cell phone, but the alarm on my iPod is an awesome jazz piano rift.
68. What kind of shoes do you use? Runners
69. Heroes or villains? Villains. They have fallen victim to situations out of their control to become what they’ve become. If one can
 sympathize with them then maybe there wouldn't be anymore villains. Everyone has the right to be forgiven at least once so they can choose a better path in life.
70. Tell us a couple of your bad habits. Blushing when there is no reason to.
71.What was the last film you saw? I think it was a documentary on the growth of dogs(the timeline in history... the fetal growth... and the link between wolves and domestic dogs...) What? I was expanding my knowledge...
72. Is there a date of the year that carry some special meaning to you? There aren't many dates that are important to me. But it’s more important to learn and walk forward in the present time.
73. List the five most recent songs you listened to. "Grenade" by Bruno Mars, "Girly Storm" by Ritsu from K-on, "Don't Say Lazy" by Mio from K-on
74. Tea or coffee? Tea
75. Mention some mythological creature you like. Wizards are creatures right?
76. If you turn on your TV (or if it’s on already), what does it show? Gnomeo and Juliet!
77. A situation you have faked. I fake it all the time when I role-play
78. A promise to yourself. I'll open a shop the sells cosplay accessories when I grow up and retire
79. An electronic device you think everyone else but you owns. a cell phone... I don't have one
80. World's most difficult language in your opinion. Punjabi... That's what everybody on my mum's mum's side knows how to speak... If only a little bit.
81. Do you think fruit and meat can be mixed together when cooking? Not really... I wouldn't even eat it if it was mixed together... Unless it was absolutely necessary in a life or death situation.
82. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? Nothing special... I would stick half of it in my bank account and half of it in a secret emergency place. But otherwise I would use the money to back up my new cosplay shop that I will have after I retire.
83. If a man collapsed and you'd have to perform CPR on them, would you know how? Yes I would... As I've mentioned before, I like to know a bit of everything. So of course first aid and CPR were on my list of 'must-knows'
84. What kind of fruits/vegetables do you like the best? Almost any. My favorite fruits are all citrus fruits though. Asian fruits and veggies will always have a place in my fridge though.
85. What is the last thing you'd want to see happening to your family? It would scar me further than I already am to see my family torn apart. If all of us kids were sent away to different places and my mum was put in a mental institution, I don't know how well I would be able to handle it.
86. Where are you born? Nanaimo, B.C., Canada.
87. Obama: Yes or no. Pfffft... Like I care who governs that country. The only thing I know about the states is that most of my family on my biological fathers side lives in it.
88. If you could choose any animal to have as a pet what would be your choice? A dog... Oh wait... I already have two.
89. Would you live in Antarctica if you were sure to be rich? I wouldn't move to Antarctica. But I would visit it in my world travels.
90. Are you the ideal version of your gender? Pfffft... AS IF... I wouldn't be caught dead at an all girls function. Painting nails, talking about boys, and gossiping just isn't my cup of tea.
91. Quote something you find stupid. "Makes you go!" Wow Mario... Either those mushrooms are laxatives or the mushrooms are actual s
hrooms on crack.
92. Quote something you find smart. "It only takes one drop to start a waterfall" But it does depend on which drops go down the waterfall, or the river next to it.
93. Eliminate one person from planet Earth. Can I choose myself?
94. Have you ever gotten into a fist fight? Not on purpose... Me and brother used to wrestle all the time!
95. If someone could grant you three wishes, what would you ask for? To have dreamless nights more often... To not have to put up with gossip at school... Three more wishes!
96. Do you dream often? If so, what kind of dreams do you usually have? I dream more than I would like to... The good dreams end up becoming fanfiction that I write. And the nightmares end up being written in a diary. Most of my dreams are nightmares. A friend of mine used to joke about how I sucked up other peoples nightmares and replayed them in my own version every night.
97. If you had the chance to destroy the human race, would you take it? Yes and no... If the human race was destroyed, wild animals would have a better chance at survival. But domesticated animals are better off living with people because that's just how they were bred.
98. Would you like to be a politician? My mums mum is a politician right now. She is an MP. I think one politician in the family is enough for now.
99. What colour do you think the sky should be? Blue. But the best time in my opinion is when it's at an akward stage between blue, black, red, and yellow.(sunset and sunrise)
100. What is this interview to you? I believe that it is a way of introducing myself to the few random stalkers and friends that will visit this blog.